I was terribly surprised to read the comments of September 30, 2015 from somebody who I assume had some kind of unforeseen circumstances with her surgery. I had a totally different experience. Recently I underwent an In Vitro Fertilization procedure as my husband had sperm problem. We had 3 excellent embryos transferred without success. Dr. Chuong suggested us have a laparoscopic surgery to evaluate and treat possible endometriosis, which could compromise the implantation process even given the quality embryos. Prior to the surgery, we did an extensive search and noted that Dr. Chuong was one of the top surgeons for infertility surgery in the area. He had performed more than 1,500 procedures since 1985 with excellent results. Many thanks to Dr. Chuong, who lasered all the endometriosis during the surgery, and I became pregnant via the 2nd IVF soon after surgery. Obviously his surgery had made the HUGE difference, and I have highly recommended him to my families and friends without any reservation

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