Mini IVF


Mini-IVF is a holistic IVF treatment offering a gentle alternative to conventional IVF. It differs from Natural Cycle IVF in its use of minimal dosage of fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries so that they can produce the maximum number (usually 3-5) of "quality" eggs possible in a single cycle. Research has shown that the quality eggs harvested in a Mini-IVF cycle are the only eggs that are capable of producing a healthy baby, even if more were to be produced through hyper-stimulation in a conventional IVF. Those beyond 3-5 are typically not viable and are either discarded prior to embryo transfer or will be prone to end up with miscarriage.

Women using Mini-IVF avoid the side effects and high cost of drugs. Mini-IVF may be preferable to natural cycle IVF for some women because it yields more eggs and increases the chances of pregnancy. It also provides surplus embryos for freezing, and holds the reserve embryos for future use.

The pregnancy rates for this approaches is competitive with conventional IVF based on the number of embryos transferred while the health risks associated with multiple births are much lower. Mini-IVF is easier, less stressful and less expensive, and most ideal for couples who are interested in choosing a minimal drug and chemical way to build a family.

In summary we offer Mini- IVF program, which is not only more natural, but also cost saving. We use only the maximum number of quality eggs. This approach minimizes the health risks & cost of fertility drugs. There are certain criteria we use to evaluate the eligibility for the program, which will be addressed during the initial consultation.

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