How to Prepare Your Body for The IVF Process?

Infertility in women is affecting a huge population which is destroying many personal lives. The couples are on the edge of divorce, in-laws are not accepting the daughter-in-law, second marriage has become a trend, and suicides are increasing and many more. Overall, it is destroying the two related families and everything between them.

Even in this modern era, couples face these issues but there is a section of society that is using the modern infertility treatment to conceive. The couples have opened their mind and are using different techniques to become the proud parents of the children. With advanced reproductive technologies, society and its thinking have severely changed.

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Further, discussing the infertility treatment techniques, there are various options available with the experts in the clinic. The one popular amongst all of them is IVF or In-vitro fertilization. Under this process, the woman’s egg is fertilized with the sperm which results in an embryo. Later, this embryo is transferred to women’s uterus that helps her to conceive. The process is safe as no surgery included in it.

Though the process is safe, the patients need to prepare their body so that it is easy to handle all types of complications, if it happens. If you are also planning for IVF, we request you to follow the below points to prepare your body for the process:

  • Quit Smoking And Drinking

The 3 important reasons to quit smoking and drinking during IVF are:

  • The concentration of nicotine is much more in the uterine fluid as compared to other body parts.
  • Nicotine makes the egg resistant to fertilization
  • Alcohol consumption decreases IVF success and live birth in the body
  • Take The Required Vitamins

Generally, you take vitamins to increase your body strength but forget about fertility-enhancing vitamins. You should take prenatal supplements after a doctor’s consultation that will improve the quality of the egg and improve the fertile environment.

  • Change In Diet 

A proper diet is a must before starting the IVF process so that the egg is healthy and you have the strength to handle the process. It is important to take fertility-enhancing foods like whole grains, eggs, nuts flaxseeds, sprouts, etc. You should avoid consuming left-over foods and always take that are freshly-prepared.

  • Improve Your Sleep

Your sleep influences sex hormones, sperm production and ovulation so you should take it in a huge quantity along with quality. The time for you to sleep and rise should be scheduled and you should not miss the routine. If you find difficulty in sleeping, try some sleeping hacks to improve the same.

  • Stay Away From Stress

We know it is difficult but still, we want you to avoid stress. Be happy in your daily activities or join some classes to involve yourself so that you do not think something bad. If not this, you can watch some funny programs or indulge yourself in household activities.

  • Workout, Especially Breathing Exercise

People often advise staying away with complicated workout sessions when you are planning to conceive. Keeping this in mind, we recommend breathing exercises for you that will instantly eliminate stress hormones from your body. It will help you stay stress-free.

Once you follow these steps to prepare your body for IVF, we are sure you will not face any complications and will give birth to a healthy child.

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5 Important Questions to Ask When Finding an IVF Clinic for The First Time!!

Choosing the best IVF clinic for IVF and IUI treatments can be a challenging task for people, especially for the first-timers. There are plenty of different factors that need to be considered before you decide on the final one that will work for you in every possible way. Though your family doctor can refer you to a clinic, it is always a wise idea to do some prior research on your own and check for reviews and feedback of real patients. So, with that being said, here are the top 5 questions that you must consider or ask directly when finding the best IVF clinic near you.

1.      What is the Success Rate of your IVF clinic?

Knowing about the success rates of the clinic is one of the first things to consider as it will determine whether the treatments and medications offered there are effective or not. For knowing about the success rates, you can look up at the clinic’s official website and check for testimonials from real patients who have had their treatment from there.

2.      How Skilled and Experienced are the Doctors and Lab Technicians?

The next question that you must consider is the experience as well as skill level of the doctors and lab technicians. Always remember that their expertise can break or make your IVF cycle, and hence, you want to make sure your chosen IVF clinic is top-notch with trained and professional doctors and staff to take proper care of you.

3.      How Good is the Infrastructure of the Clinic?

Remember that bigger or amazingly built infrastructures aren’t always better when it comes to IVF treatments. Although many patients judge the quality of the clinic by its look, this is not always right when it comes to treatments such as IVF and IUI. Do you like a one-on-one service or you prefer access to more advanced equipment and flexible appointments? Keep in mind that the clinic size you choose will come down to your personal preference.

4.      Are there any Side Effects of IVF I should be Prepared for?

Bear in mind that an IVF treatment can be physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially demanding. Though most of the patients get through the treatment with a minimum of disruption and side-effects, it is very significant that you are fully aware of any possible reactions or side-effects that can occur. Knowing about this can help you prepare your treatment schedule so that you may take good care of yourself if you are finding it difficult.

5.      Is the Location Suitable for me?

When you are going the IVF way, keep in mind that for about 5 to 10 days you’ll have to visit the clinic for cycle monitoring and other procedures. So, it is very essential that your potential clinic’s location works for you and is completely suitable for you. However, if the clinic is far away from where you stay then ask them what other alternatives they have in this regard?

Sometimes all you need is a simple list of questions that you can ask and that can help you sail comfortably through your first visit to the IVF clinic. And if you ask all the aforementioned questions, rest assured you’ll find the best IVF clinic for an effective and successful IVF procedure.

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