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Are you in a lesbian relationship? Do both partners want the experience of carrying a baby? In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the family planning pathway for same-sex female single women or couples where one partner wants to participate in the pregnancy. IVF specialists can help you with the IVF process of having a baby and build the family together with your partner.

One of the important decisions in the process is, which partner will try first? The second is, how will you choose sperm? Many lesbian couples work with the IVF specialists or agencies to choose the sperm from the same male donor and each plan to have a child with their eggs. IVF is considered safe for women and is one of the most successful fertility treatment options available in the medical world. Make the right decision in consultation with IVF specialists and gaining all details about the procedure.

What is Reciprocal IVF?

It is the process, in which one partner’s eggs are used to create embryos, and then the other partner carries the pregnancy and delivers the child. For same-sex female couples, this is the process to contribute to the family building process uniquely. The success with reciprocal IVF varies as per the age of the women. If successful, women are discharged to their OB-GYN in about six weeks.

  • The process of Reciprocal IVF at glance –It is the process for lesbians that allows both women to participate in the pregnancy.
  • One partner supplies her eggs, retrieved and fertilized by donated sperm in IVF, with the resulting embryos implanted into her partner for pregnancy.
  • This presents the opportunity for the couples to choose which partner donates the eggs and is the biological partner.
  • The risks with the process are the same as the regular IVF, though it involves procedures for both partners as opposed to one partner in the regular IVF.

There are three ways to pregnancy for same-sex women – IUI, IVF using one partner’s eggs & uterus, or reciprocal IVF. Picking up the sperm donor is an important part of the process as the person will be linked to your child’s creation story that you will share with them as they grow up. Have a discussion with IVF specialists to help you with the decision, and it is a lifetime decision to bring a new life into existence.

Both processes can work for lesbian couples to build their own family with a baby. IVF and reciprocal IVF are safe procedures for women and have a large number of successful cases. IVF involves injectable medication leading up to the procedure known as egg retrieval, which is minimally invasive & completed under sedation in-office. Consult with IVF specialists for making the correct decision with the process. The expert will guide you with the entire procedure and assist in smoother implementation.

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