As our sister facility, Cooper Center for IVF at Marlton, New Jersey www.ccivf.com led by Jerome H. Check, M.D., Ph.D., a world renowned infertility specialist, we are specialized in patients with advanced age and high FSH. Unlike some IVF centers, we do not exclude patients with a history of elevated FSH levels, poor responses, failed IVF cycles. advanced maternal age or abnormal clomiphene challenge test.

Age group
41-42 y/o
43 y/o & older
Number of transfers 13 7
Number of pregnancies 4 3
Number of pregnancies with fetal heart beat 3 2
Age group
   < 37    
38-40 y/o & older
Number of transfers 16 13
Number of pregnancies 10 6
Number of pregnancies with fetal heart beat 7 3

One of the goals of our practice is devoted to helping women who have a decreased ovarian reserve or high FSH level. Many of these people have been told by other centers that their eggs are no longer good and they need to pursue the donor egg option. However, even though it jeopardizes our pregnancy rates we care more about the individual than we do about our overall rates and are very willing to accept these patients into our program. Additionally, we have data to show that we have a reasonably good pregnancy rate in these high FSH individuals. At the Cooper Institute we have even gone so far as achieving pregnancies in women who were told they were actually in overt menopause. We have been able to do certain hormonal manipulations that can restore the sensitivity of the few remaining follicles that are left and are able to get eggs and even pregnancies.

We have worked both with and without IVF in that setting. We are not determined at the outset that women with high FSH must have IVF. Of course, if it is determined that there is a reason to do IVF, we are willing to go ahead and do so, but we explore every treatment option and work with our patients to try and make them ovulate. Obviously if a person fails to achieve a pregnancy we always have our donor egg program as a backup. We have great success with our donor egg program including egg sharing program and we do try to keep our prices reasonable so people can afford these types of procedures.

For those having difficulty in getting pregnant who have high serum Follicular Stimulating Hormone (FSH) with or without advanced age, we encourage you to visit www.highfshinfo.com to obtain more information about high FSH. We are listed as one of the “High FSH Friendly RE’s” Although it is one of the most difficult situations to deal with in the fertility field, we strive to take various approaches to work with our patients.

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