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Ratings for Dr. C. James Chuong

He is so nice
Not only he also his nurses are helpful

Submitted December 15, 2018

Excellent doctor, excellent staff. Antoinette is great, she is caring , I enjoy working with Dr Chuong and the staff.

Submitted September 1, 2018

They’re very helpful, considerate and professional.

Submitted August 31, 2018

Muy buen trabajo en conjunto con su equipo ,se los recomiendo .

Submitted August 23, 2018

Dr James Chuong and his staff are God sent.
I praise God for using them to help me and my family.
This TEAM is great, trust me . They work with you, advice you and render help to you where necessary.
They are 🌎 world best fertility center.
God bless Dr James Chuong and his staff. Amen!!
I 💘 love you all!!!
Praying for financial favour so we can come in for a second one.
(God's will be done Amen!!!)

Submitted August 10, 2018

Wonderful Clinic - Gave me my twins whom I treasure!

Submitted June 23, 2018

We successfully got our babies at the third try of IUI. We really appreciate Dr. Chuong's team.

Submitted June 20, 2018

Dr Chuong and his staff are wonderful people. We started our journey in January 2017. It was our first try and it was successful eventhough we shoot for twins only one made it. we are still blessed to have our lil girl. She was born on match 15th 2018. Such a Healthy lil girl. They are so caring and explain carefully how the process will be. We will go back to Dr. Chuong and try for our second baby sometimes next year!! I recommend him and his staff to the max.. they will do anything to help you achieve your dreams just like they did with us!!

Submitted April 7, 2018

Dr C James Choung is one of the best Doctor in the wold

Submitted April 6, 2018

The best fertility doctor in Houston, I promise! Don't be fool about the fancy offices with the others. My husband wanted a doctor that made us feel like we can ask questions. He allowed us to talk to him after each visit. I got 11 embryos from a mini IVF. He does what's cost effective for his patients with out cutting any corners in the process. The team is amazing. They make you feel comfortable and they are so personal.

Submitted October 14, 2017

They are the best doctors with great customer service and very good prices I love them Thank you so much

Submitted June 9, 2017

Dr. Chuong clearly has been practicing long enough to be so knowledgeable and successful. He has the absolute best bedside manner out there. Antoinette the IVF coordinator is fabulous at what she does and so helpful and kind. The entire office staff is accommodating, considerate, knowledgeable and thorough. Though the process is a little complicated, they made it seem reasonably easy. We have gone through a total of 2 IVF cycles with 2 positive results! We plan to go in for our 3rd and final transfer soon. We lost our first pregnancy 5 months in, but our 2nd transfer produced a healthy bouncing baby boy and our wish is to give him a sibling in the near future. We recommend anyone seeking fertility treatment to put their full trust in Dr. Chuong and his staff.

Submitted January 27, 2017

We have nothing but praise for Dr. Chuong and his staff. Dr. Chuong is a good doctor who makes you feel important. He has a calming disposition. Without facilities that Dr. Chuong works for, we wouldn't have a beautiful baby boy. They do good work for a reasonable price. Any small inconveniences we may have experience, were worth it, for the results we received.

Submitted July 10, 2016

Sorry I meant to write he was born on July 2015

Submitted April 21, 2016

Dr.Choung is an excellent doctor he knows very well what he's doing he will explain every single step of the infertility treatment if you have any questions he will answer them over and over w all details ,me and my husband are very thankful to him and all his staff for been very caring and nice .he will always call me to make sure everything was ok w me and thanks too him now I have a beautiful boy that was born on July 2016 and my pregnancy was a success and Ian so beyond thankful to him

Submitted April 21, 2016

In 2009, I sought out The Cooper Institute for fertility treatment. Dr. Choung and his staff are knowledgeable and compassionate. Dr. Choung was very thorough in his explanation of the medical diagnostic assessments that I would need to have performed. He helped my husband and I understand fertility treatment options that would yield the best results for my fertility needs. In 2009, I was successful on the first IUI cycle. Dr. Choung monitored my progress to help my pregnancy thrive and remain viable. I had a beautiful, full-term daughter in March 2010. In 2014, I returned to Dr. Choung for fertility treatments. He assessed my fertility and determined that I would need a different treatment plan. My husband and I went through an IUI cycle in July 2014 and I became pregnant with twins. For each pregnancy, Dr. Choung and his staff celebrated the successful cycle and showed sincere happiness. I believe that he has a staff who gives patients what it needed throughout each stage of the fertility process. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Choung to any woman with a desire to become pregnant!

Submitted October 9, 2015

Excellent staff and compassionate til the end. Dr. Chuong is an excellent fertility doctor who made our dreams of having a family come true!

Submitted August 28, 2015

My wife was 42 years old when we started an IVF cycle treatment at Cooper institute. In spite of we are in high risk candidate category, with amazing Dr., Chuong's technique and greatly support clinic staffs (especially Antoinette), our son was born on 5/27/2015 when my wife was at age of 43. We cannot express our appreciation enough to the Cooper Institute and feel so grateful and lucky that we have chosen a highly successful program. We are very sure that we will be back to Cooper for our second child. Thank you so much, Dr. Chuong and staffs,

Submitted August 23, 2015

I want to thank Dr. Chuong and his office. After years of not knowing why I wasn't getting pregnant I made the scary decision to speak to a fertility doctor. I chose Dr. Chuong based on a recommendation from another patient. He quickly tested my husband and I and reviewed all options with my husband and me. He took the time to explain his recommendation and the odds of success. He asked a lot of questions about medical and family history. We decided to go with his recommendation and after one round of IVF we were blessed with a successful pregnancy. I am now 7 months pregnant with twin girls, at age 35. We couldn't be more thrilled with the results. Thank you to Antoinette - who was always very helpful in explaining every step of the process. And thank you to Dr. Chuong who personally called to check on me even through the Christmas holiday. Our family is SO excited to meet our little girls!!

Submitted June 9, 2015

Dr. Chuong is the most competent and caring doctor I have ever met in my life. I cannot thank him enough. He is highly experienced and listed all my options during my initial visit. I had visited several clinics and was most impressed that he really put patients' best interest first. He is definitely not the kind of business doctor who only tries to sell patients the most expensive procedure. I can tell he takes care of each and every patient like his own family. The IVF Coordinator, Antoinette is excellent. She always works above and beyond what an office nurse is expected to do. I did not think I could get the same kind of medical and personal care anywhere else. My husband and I are grateful to Dr. Chuong and his superb staff. I will definitely recommend his office to any of my families and friends.

Submitted March 27, 2015

I would have to say dr Choung and his staff are amazing without them I feel I would have never been blessed with my miracle baby! The staff became like family when it was time for me to get released to my regular Obgyn I was very hurt . Needless to say I recommend anyone who need help concieving to try this facility is awesome ! Will defitnely will be going back if I need the help for baby # 2!!!!!!

Submitted February 27, 2015

The best fertility doctor in Houston, I promise! Don't be fool about the fancy offices with the others. My husband wanted a doctor that made us feel like we can ask questions. He allowed us to talk to him after each visit. I got 11 embryos from a mini IVF. He does what's cost effective for his patients with out cutting any corners in the process. The team is amazing. They make you feel comfortable and they are so personal.

Submitted October 14, 2017

Dr. Chuong was able to help me successfully get pregnant after several miscarriages before attempting IVF. I carried my baby to term and she is beautiful & healthy!

Submitted October 16, 2014

I was extremely happy with Dr. Chuong and his staff. Antoinette was the best !! She explained everything to me in detail. Dr. Chuong called and checked up on me personally. I have had a bad experience with IVF with a Houston doctor before I came to Dr. Chuong. This experience was totally opposite. I finally found a doctor who actually cares about his patients and is not all about the money. I am currently 4 weeks pregnant with IVF at 37 years old. To be honest, I'd decided that regardless of my pregnancy results, I'd recommend Dr. Chuong to anyone. He really is a caring and experienced doctor. Thank you Dr. Chuong and staff for making my dream come true.

Submitted September 16, 2013

We got pregnant on our first IVF cycle. The IVF coordinator, Antoinette, was fantastic, and caring, and the Embryologist was Excellent. The administrative Staff we dealt with was cheerful. We are a "modern family", and Dr Chuong was the first IVF clinics that would work with us without discrimination (And we were screened at 4 IVF clinics prior to finding Cooper Institute and all of them expressed hesitation to work with our untraditional family)

Submitted April 23, 2013

We've had a very positive experience w/ Dr. Chuong & his staff & are now pregnant w/ a singleton. We had a lot of ups & downs to get here but through it all, Dr. Chuong & his staff explained the procedures, the odds of each, and were there for all our questions, even answering via email in the evenings. ART IS expensive esp. if insurance doesn't help, but go into it expecting that reality & as an informed, educated patient knowing the procedures & the likelihood of success. Cooper Institute was very helpful at knowing when our insurance would pay due to previous cysts. With a perfect cycle, IVF success rates are only about 40%, which means multiple cycles may be needed. We had to do 2 to get a successful outcome but then we knew that both from research & Dr. Chuong's patient explanations. After all, what are your chances without ART? I would recommend Cooper Institute to anyone esp. hard to serve patients, who other clinics may refuse to keep their success rates artificially high.

Submitted April 6, 2013

by Laura on Mar 27th, 2013 After my second bout with ovarian cancer and losing my ability to have children I felt lost. My biggest worry was not being able to give my husband his biological children. Through the compationate team at the Cooper Institute I was able to carry my husband's biological child and ensure OUR child had a healthy beginning. The team at the Cooper Institute was empathic and understood my many worries. They were able and willing to answer my many questions which eased my concerns. They provided me with an easy to follow plan to take my hormones. Dr. Chuong is wonderfully knowledgeable and experienced. His staff is caring and have genuine concern for their patients. We became pregnant with our miracle on the first attempt. Our miracle was born in December and we are truly grateful to the team at the Cooper Institute!

Submitted April 3, 2013

I became patient of Dr. Choung 02/2012. He is very patient and detailed. He explained our options and advised which was the best route to take. We decided to go through a mini IVF since my insurance did not cover Fertility and it was a least expensive option. The first round was unsuccessful. We also found my husband's sperm was not strong enough so he was going to try to quit smoking and increase chances. We decided to try again later that year. We tried for a second round this time a full IVF treatment 11/2012. I am currrently 5 months pregnant with twins. We are the so grateful and thankful for Dr. Choung and his staff through this time. They accomomdated my schedule, answered any question I had and received very good service through out our visits. I would defenitely recommend him to any couple trying to concieve.

Submitted March 12, 2013

Doctor Chuong and his staff are very caring and responsible,they are always patient with me.Compared with other doctor,there is one thing worth mentioning and praisingng,his staff always tell you the result as soon as possible,you don't need to call them and ask for the result.I am so lucky to have Dr Chuong as my doctor.Now I have been pregnant for 5 months,everything is very good, I really appreciate Dr Chuong and his staff.

Submitted October 21, 2013

Dr. Chuong is very knowledgeable and caring. I am a proud mother of triplets today after some treatments in his care. I recommend him to all who may need his services.

Submitted February 16, 2011

My highest compliments to Dr. James Chuong & his medical team. I am a 48 y.o. Physician Assistant who received excellent care from Cooper Institute. He was one of three IVF physicians that I researched & visited. The other doctors didn't seem helpful or hopeful. Yet, when my hubby & I met w/Dr. Chuong he was open-minded and reasonable as he discussed the statistics and realities facing mothers w/ advanced maternal age. I am happy to report that I got pregnant ON MY VERY FIRST IVF CYCLE after the trial of a mock cycle. My son is healthy, happy & 6 months old now. At times, I did have to wait in the office to be seen. But, on SEVERAL occasions, the doc & his staff would wait for me or work me in to accomodate my work schedule. Lynn, the IVF Coordinator, always returned my calls & emails promptly, usually at the end of the day. The other staff members were helpful and professional. I recommend this physician without hesistation. He worked a miracle for us!

Submitted January 11, 2011

I would take this opportunity to thank Dr. Chuong and his staff to help our dream come true. Now I am a 45 years old Mom of a new baby.

Submitted September 22, 2010

I was terribly surprised to read the comments of August 14, 2010 from somebody who I assume had some kind of unforeseen circumstances with her surgery. I had a totally different experience. In 2008, I underwent an In Vitro Fertilization procedure as my husband had sperm problem. We had 3 excellent embryos transferred without success. Dr. Chuong suggested us have a laparoscopic surgery to evaluate and treat possible endometriosis, which could compromise the implantation process even given the quality embryos. Prior to the surgery, we did an extensive search and noted that Dr. Chuong was one of the top surgeons for infertility surgery in the area. He had performed more than 1,500 procedures since 1985 with excellent results. Many thanks to Dr. Chuong, who lasered all the endometriosis during the surgery, and I became pregnant via the 2nd IVF soon after surgery. Obviously his surgery had made the HUGH difference, and I have highly recommended him to my families and friends.

Submitted September 9, 2010

My husband and I, are very pleased and appreciative of Dr.Chuong and staff to make our dream into reality.

Submitted August 30, 2010

Better than most Medical Institutions!!! Dr. Chuong and Staff both professional and courteous!!

Submitted August 14, 2010

Better than most Medical Institutions!!! Dr. Chuong and Staff both professional and courteous!!

Submitted September 9, 2010

We want to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for everything Dr. Chuong did for us on our journey to try to become parents. Our journey has been long, fifteen years, with numerous ups and down, but thank to Dr. Chuong’s expertise, encouragement, guidance, and all of the support and help from his wonderful staff, the journey ended with success. It is still hard for us to believe that we are parents. We knew the outcome could have gone either way. However, if our IVF journey had not been successful, we would have had known in our hearts that Dr. Chuong and his entire staff had done everything that could have been done for us. In the end, we would either have the miracle that we have been praying such a long time for or the closure we needed to have in our life. We can’t say thank you enough for everything. We wish the best for Dr. Chuong and his entire staff as they continue to help couples hear those magical words “Congratulations! You are pregnant”.

Submitted July 8, 2010

This is the most helpful infertility services I have ever received. I have been trying to get pregnant for years without success. Two clinics advised me to use donor eggs, which I really did not want to. I really appreciated Dr. Chuong and his staff who have worked with me with patience and care. Dr. Chuong is the most knowledgeable and caring physician I have ever met in my whole life. He always spends his time trying to customize my treatment. I cannot thank him enough for bring my family the MIRACLE BABY using my own egg! I highly recommend Dr. Chuong and his clinic to anybody who have difficulty in getting pregnant!

Submitted December 4, 2009
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