What is a Mini IVF service? Is it better than Conventional IVF?

In-vitro fertilization or IVF is a fertility service or an assisted reproductive technique in which collected from the ovaries are fertilized with the sperm in the laboratory. After fertilization, the eggs are transferred into the women’s uterus which increases the chance of the pregnancy. If everything goes well, women become pregnant after 9 months. The IVF service is like a boon to the couples who have failed to become parents even after several attempts.

Traditionally, the process was very complicated, and to make it a success, experts had to depend on lots of medicines and injections. The IVF service was incomplete without the use of the needle. The pain was not easy for the women to bear and because of this, they often feared to attempt for the process.

But, with technological advancements and research in the medical department, the experts have with the process that gives less pain and there are fewer or no medicines and injections. It is known as mini IVF service.

About Mini IVF service

In mini IVF service, the entire process is the same as conventional IVF; the only difference is the use of medicines for egg stimulation. The IVF experts use limited medicines and try to get a few eggs. They do not force the women’s body for egg stimulation and try to help the couples with the eggs that they retrieve. Sometimes, mini IVF is conducted without any ovarian stimulating drugs, and doctors term it to be natural IVF.

People don’t consider IVF as a successful treatment due to less retrieval of the eggs. They think that with 3-4 eggs, it is difficult to conceive and it’s a waste. It happens but not always. If the process is conducted in the right way then the limited retrieved egg can also be the best eggs that the couple might not get with the conventional process. People have to understand that the process is the same, only medicines are less.

Mini IVF service is best for:

  • The person who fears needles and find it difficult to eat medicines
  • The person who is going to start the cancer treatment (fertility medicines can worse cancer situation)
  • The person who has a less ovarian reserve  
  • The person who does not have male factor infertility

Going further, the mini IVF service is different and widely preferred by the couples because of the following reasons.

  • Costs of the process- Due to less use of medicines and injections, the Mini IVF service is comparatively affordable for the couples. They do not have to think much about the cost.
  • Safe with fewer side effects- With no or less of medicines, the process is safe and the patients do not have to suffer from too many side effects. The process is easy and conducted without too many complications.

Although Mini IVF cannot guarantee success, as seen in the conventional IVF, it’s a good option for certain patient population.  The take home message is that the quality of the eggs matters and not the quantity.

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