I was terribly surprised to read the comments of September 30, 2015 from somebody who I assume had some kind of unforeseen circumstances with her surgery. I had a totally different experience. Recently I underwent an In Vitro Fertilization procedure as my husband had sperm problem. We had 3 excellent embryos transferred without success. Dr. Chuong suggested us have a laparoscopic surgery to evaluate and treat possible endometriosis, which could compromise the implantation process even given the quality embryos. Prior to the surgery, we did an extensive search and noted that Dr. Chuong was one of the top surgeons for infertility surgery in the area. He had performed more than 1,500 procedures since 1985 with excellent results. Many thanks to Dr. Chuong, who lasered all the endometriosis during the surgery, and I became pregnant via the 2nd IVF soon after surgery. Obviously his surgery had made the HUGE difference, and I have highly recommended him to my families and friends without any reservation


Dr. Chuong is the most competent and caring doctor I have ever met in my life. I cannot thank him enough. He is highly experienced and listed all my options during my initial visit. I had visited several clinics and was most impressed that he really put patients’ best interest first. He is definitely not the kind of business doctor who only tries to sell patients the most expensive procedure. I can tell he takes care of each and every patient like his own family. The IVF Coordinator, Antoinette is excellent. She always works above and beyond what an office nurse is expected to do. I did not think I could get the same kind of medical and personal care anywhere else. My husband and I are grateful to Dr. Chuong and his superb staff. I will definitely recommend his office to any of my families and friends.


After my second bout with ovarian cancer and losing my ability to have children I felt lost. My biggest worry was not being able to give my husband his biological children. Through the companionate team at the Cooper Institute I was able to carry my husband’s biological child and ensure OUR child had a healthy beginning. The team at the Cooper Institute was empathic and understood my many worries. They were able and willing to answer my many questions which eased my concerns. They provided me with an easy to follow plan to take my hormones. Dr. Chuong is wonderfully knowledgeable and experienced. His staff is caring and have genuine concern for their patients. We became pregnant with our miracle on the first attempt. Our miracle was born in December and we are truly grateful to the team at the Cooper Institute!

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